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Server Infastructure

XECOM Provides a range of services for secure, optimised and correctly maintained server infastructure.

Design and Deploy

We provide strategic consulting and deployment services for new network infrastructure - from single- server deployments through to clustering or large-scale technology projects. Our consultants work with your organisation to understand your goals and challenges, identify and select technology solutions and facilitate the implementation process.


Upgrade and Manage

XECOM has networking and solutions specialist certified in a broad range of tecnologies including VMware, Cisco and HPE.

Whether you're upgrading servers or consolidating virtual machines, we can select, build and configure your server infrastructure with end-to-end services that remove guesswork. Moreover, when everything is configured properly and running smoothly, we're there to keep it running smoothly with managed services that ensure your IT runs continuously, securely and cost-effectively. 

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